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Our Experiences

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart"
- Confucius

Safari in Tanzania

Blue Lagoon Tours Travel & Adventures Ltd will make sure that your experience in Tanzania becomes unforgettable. Together with you we can personalize and accompany you in nature-only, trekking, cultural and historical safaris. 

Cooking Class.jpg

Cooking Class

It is a total immersion in the local culture starting with meeting with the farmers, getting your hands dirty, preparing the food with our cook and then enjoying a delicious meal.

Fishing Tour.jpg

Fishing Tour

In the company of local fishermen by day or night according to the tides and the possibility of fishing, the ocean is there waiting for you to offer you its products to share and taste.

Dhow Cruise Tour.jpg

Dhow Cruise

On board the typical local boat you can discover unique and isolated beaches that are visible and walkable at  low tide.


Dolphin Tour

Has swimming with dolphins always been your dream? We take you out to sea, to their home, meet them and share a bath ; )

Snorkelling Tour.jpg

Safari Blue Tour

Have you ever experienced the thrill of snorkelling around a sandbank and having a picnic on it? We supply everything and it will be an unforgettable day in the middle of the sea.​


Jozani Forest Tour

This lush forest houses the original flora and fauna of the island of Ungujia before it was inhabited by humans, and it is a complete immersion into nature.

noce moscata.JPG

Spice Tour

Go to Zanzibar and it is impossible not to do the spice tour, the experience of walking in the middle of the forest and see where the spices spontaneously arise. You will have the opportunity to taste them and buy them in packages carefully prepared by the women of the village.


Stone Old Town Tour

It is a tour to discover the influences of the various cultures that have followed one another over the years and centuries in Stone Town, highlighted by the different architectures, mosques, temples and churches which can be visited.

Slave Trade Tour.jpg

Slave Trade Tour

The slave market in Stone Town was the most important for Arab and Asian countries and therefore this long period of history also deserves to be known.


Prison Island Tour

It is an island close to the city of Stone Town where over time a prison was built but never used for the purpose, now it is the temple of giant land turtles where the oldest is over 120 years old.

If you participate in our excursions on the island, paying the normal fee, you contribute 20% of the amount to the WHY- A World Home for Youth-ngo projects in Jambiani
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