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About Us

Who we are

We consider our customers as guests invited to a party, where we are the hosts. 
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Italian with experience in tourism, administration and social work. 

For me Zanzibar is the poem from Emily Dikinson:

To see her is a Picture -- To hear her is a Tune - To know her an Intemperance as innocent as June -To know her not -- Affliction --To own her for a Friend a warmth as near as if the Sun Were shining in your Hand.



Sanzibarian, tour operator since 1998 as a freeland.


"You are all welcome"

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
We imagine a world without borders, with connections that are not only virtual but also real, of true knowledge and with a peaceful coexistence for all.



We believe that travel and holidays are beautiful opportunities to know, deepen and learn to respect different worlds. 


We create community tourism and foster a respect for the environment, where travelers have the opportunity to share experiences, local daily habits and to admire new natural and architectural beauties.



Our attention to environmental and social sustainability is maximum, as well as the desire to involve the traveler as much as possible in the reality of local community life, going beyond the usual holidays and the usual itineraries proposed.

Our energy needs are produced by photovoltaic panels and having a source of fresh water in our soil we make drinking water through a purifier so that we can drink fresh water saving on the purchase of plastic bottles and barrels, thus polluting less.


We do separate waste collection in collaboration with zanrec company that deals with waste recycling and disposal in Zanzibar.

All our staff is local and enjoys the employment rights indicated by Tanzanian legislation.


Our excursions are centered on the knowledge of the population and the deepening of the traditions of the place with the support of a local mediator.

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